Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Provided by the NC CPD Task Force:

Toyin Tofade, MS, PharmD, BCPS, CPCC
Stephen Eckel, PharmD, BCPS, MHA
Leigh Foushee, PharmD, CDE
Steve Caiola, MS, FRSPH

Questions regarding the Learning Portfolio can be addressed to the CPD Team:
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NOVEMBER 10, 2010 - Our Board of Pharmacy has accepted the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) method as a way to renew your pharmacist’s license in North Carolina!  In order to use the CPD process, the Board requires that pharmacists complete an education and training program on the method.  Many thanks to the over 200 pharmacists who are already applying CPD in practice, and who used the method in place of “counting CE hours” when renewing their license for the 2010 calendar year.

For those interested in learning more about CPD, and how to use it for professional development and re-licensure, we are pleased to present a convenient way for you to do so:

The North Carolina CPD Toolkit: Strategies for Lifelong Learning in Pharmacy

This series of knowledge-based, continuing pharmacy education activities will assist you in developing a personal Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Portfolio. Through a series of 4 webcasts, you will be guided to complete reflection exercises, incorporate your reflection into a personal CPD plan, progress through the CPD cycle into the stages of Act, Evaluate and Record, and learn about CPD in North Carolina.

The following 4 webcasts are required activities for using CPD for NC re-licensure. They include:

1. CPD 101

2. Using Reflection to Create a Plan

3. Act/Evaluate/Record Your CPD

4. Continuing Professional Development in North Carolina

You can use the link: anytime day or night to access each webcast.

Complete all 4 listed webcasts, and keep your certificate in case of an audit.  The CEI is an ACPE accredited CE provider, so all webcasts can be used for renewing your pharmacy license for 2011.  Completing the webcast series also documents that you have been trained to utilize the CPD process for renewal in the coming year. No need to send us any information.  CEI will send us a report of those who have completed the activities to their satisfaction.

A fee of $40 will be assessed for participation in the entire, four-part NC CPD toolkit.