MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2020

NC DHHS WEEKLY COVID-19 COLLECTION, TESTING, AND PROCESSING CAPACITY SURVEY.  Each week, the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and the State’s COVID-19 Test Surge Workgroup will assess North Carolina’s COVID-19 collection, testing, and processing capacity. Every Monday a survey will be distributed to stakeholders engaged in these activities across the State and should take ten to fifteen minutes to complete.  Any pharmacy that is performing COVID-19 specimen collection and/or testing should follow the survey link below and complete with data from your prior week’s activities so that NC DHHS can:

  • Assess statewide COLLECTION capacity for diagnostic testing.
  • Assess statewide PROCESSING/TESTING capacity.
  • Determine the rate-limiting factors for collection or processing/testing across the state.

DHHS asks that collectors and testers complete this survey by the end of the day tomorrow, Tuesday, June 23rd. Data will be used to identify system barriers to collection and testing. Respondents may be contacted to coordinate potential solutions to identified barriers.

Survey link: