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6015 Farrington Road
Suite 201
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517

Phone: 919.246.1050
Fax: 919.246.1056

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You may also reach us by email:

Legal questions: Jay Campbell, v-card, Executive Director or Ellen Vick, v-card, Associate Executive Director

Consumer complaints: Cindy Parham, v-card or file a complaint here:
Board meeting information: Leslie Wilson, v-card
Verifications (License/Permit/Registration): Leslie Wilson, v-card
Pharmacist licensure and exam information: Stacie Mason, v-card
Pharmacist certificates (duplicates): Stacie Mason, v-card
Pharmacist and Technician name changes: Leslie Wilson, v-card
Internship information: Stacie Mason, v-card
Investigations/Inspections: Loretta Wiesner (Investigations), v-card or Krystal Stefanyk (Inspections), v-card
IT Administration: Antoine Pryor, v-card
Pharmacy Permits: Wendy Watson, v-card
Pharmacist-Manager changes: Wendy Watson, v-card
DME Facility Permits: Wendy Watson, v-card
DME Person-In-Charge changes: Wendy Watson, v-card
DME/Pharmacy officer changes: Wendy Watson, v-card
Technician Registration: Debbie Stump, v-card
Dispensing Physician, PA/NP/Midwife Registration: Debbie Stump, v-card
Reciprocity: Stacie Mason, v-card
Continuing Education: Missy Betz, v-card
Purchase of Mailing Lists: Kristin Moore, v-card, or complete the online data request form found here
Disciplinary action information: Cindy Parham, v-card
Office supply orders: Lisa Parker-Hawkins, v-card
Payroll/HR/Personnel: Rhonda Jones, v-card
Accounting and Budget (A/P, A/R): JP Brown, v-card
Website/NCBOP Twitter feed: Kristin Moore, v-card
Board Elections: Kristin Moore, v-card

All license/registration/permit renewal-related questions or questions about the Board's Licensure Gateway: Missy Betz, v-card






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