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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Controlled Substances / Red Flags When Dispensing



Pharmacists – Increase your awareness of potential red flags when filling controlled substance prescriptions. Click here to access the video - or

NABP recently collaborated with the Anti-Diversion Industry Working Group (ADIWG) to prepare a video intended to educate pharmacists and increase their awareness of potential red flags when filling controlled substance prescriptions. This video introduces the world of diversion through the eyes of former diverters and abusers who reveal the tricks of their trade. The video illustrates that diverters and abusers can be found in every race, gender, and age group. It’s not always who you think.

The core of the video is built around three vignettes that allow the viewer to witness the interaction through the eyes and analysis of the pharmacist. Each vignette dives deep into the interaction of pharmacists and diverters as they face each other across the counter during a transaction. During this encounter the video highlights the red flags the pharmacist must recognize in order to fulfill the pharmacist’s corresponding responsibility to prevent diversion.

The pharmacist identifies and clarifies the most critical warning signs of diversion about to take place. These red flags are highlighted through the pharmacist’s internal dialogue and on screen graphics. Some are self-evident, others not so clear. Often several of these warning signs are presented around a single prescription.  The video reflects these realities as it illuminates 11 red flag behaviors.

Watch the 12-minute video here:




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