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Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Pharmacist-to-Technician Ratio

Q: How do I obtain Board approval for increasing the pharmacist-to-technician ratio at my pharmacy?

A: A pharmacist may not supervise more than two pharmacy technicians unless: (1) the pharmacist-manager receives written approval from the Board in advance; and (2) each additional technician is certified. (See G.S. § 90-85.15A.) To request an increase above the 1:2 pharmacist-to-technician ratio, log in to the Board's Gateway to access that application.

Follow this link for more detail on the ratio approval process, including specific instructions for pharmacist-managers applying for a pharmacist:technician ratio of 6:1 or greater.



Q: A student enrolled in a pharmacy technician educational program is present in my pharmacy. Does that student count toward the permissible pharmacist:technician ratio?

A. Students currently enrolled in community college-based technician training programs typically spend some time at pharmacy practice sites as part of their education. Such students present in a pharmacy solely for educational purposes as part of the technician training curriculum do not count toward the permissible pharmacist:technician ratio. The Board emphasizes, however, that the student must be present in the pharmacy solely for educational purposes. A student who is employed by a pharmacy as a technician does count toward the permissible pharmacist:technician ratio, notwithstanding that the student is also enrolled in a community college-based technician training program.

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