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Clinical Pharmacist Practitioners


CPP SITE VISITS TO BEGIN - The North Carolina Medical Board and the North Carolina Board of Pharmacy will soon begin conducting random site visits of clinical pharmacist practitioners (CPP) to ensure compliance with certain Board rules, most specifically, 21 NCAC 32T. 0101 and 21 NCAC 46.3101.

CPPs selected for review will be given 48 hours notice of the site visit.

A similar program is currently in place for physician assistants and nurse practitioners.

For guidance on what CPPs are expected to have available for review, view the Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner Site Visit form.

Questions? Please contact Don Pittman, NC Medical Board compliance supervisor/investigator at 919.326.1100, or Joshua Kohler, NC Board of Pharmacy Asst. Director of Investigations, 919.246.1050.

A Clinical Pharmacist Practitioner (CPP) is a licensed pharmacist approved to provide drug therapy management, including controlled substances, under the direction of, or under the supervision of a licensed physician. Only a pharmacist approved by the Pharmacy Board and the Medical Board may legally identify himself/herself as a CPP.

See a sample CPP Protocol here.

Follow this link for FAQs regarding the CPP Application and Protocol Review by the CPP Advisory Committee Member.

Please note:
The supervising physician MUST initial each page of your protocol agreement. Also, make sure that your CPP applications are complete and that your protocols are updated with the CURRENT DATE.
Questions? Please contact Debbie Stump.

Download Certificate Program requirements here

Download a CPP application here

CPP Change of Status Form/Instructions


To find a CPP, visit the NC Medical Board's licensee search page (click here).

Click here to see additional CPP information such as sample of completed CPP application/protocol, contact information for CPPs, etc.




If you have further questions about CPP requirements, please contact Debbie Stump at 919.246.1050 ext. 223 or email Debbie.