Meet Our Board

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy was created by the North Carolina Legislature (Chapter 90 Article 4A) to protect the public health, safety and welfare in pharmaceutical matters. The Board sets standards for academic and practical experience programs prior to licensure, issues permits to operate pharmacies and annually renews licenses and permits.

The Board Members meet on the second Tuesday of January, March, May, July, September, and November in the Board's Chapel Hill office to conduct business, set policy and hold disciplinary hearings for pharmacists and pharmacies. These meeting are open to the public except during the time when the Board Members are in closed session deliberating a decision for a disciplinary action. The Board cannot lobby for or against legislation in Raleigh as noted in NCGS 93B, the statute which pertains to licensing boards. No funding is received from the General Assembly and the Board's activities are supported by income primarily from license and permit renewal.

The North Carolina Board of Pharmacy consists of six Board Members, (five Pharmacists and one public Member), and 25 employed Board staff.

Profile picture of Chris Sain

Chris Sain

Western District

Profile picture of Mischelle Corbin

Mischelle Corbin

Vice President
Public Member

Profile picture of J. Andy Bowman

J. Andy Bowman

Southeastern District

Profile picture of Wallace Nelson

Wallace Nelson

Northeastern District

Profile picture of Ashley Duggins

Ashley Duggins

Central District

Profile picture of Keith A. Wance

Keith A. Vance

Northern District

Administrative Staff

  • , Executive Director
    - Legal questions

  • , Associate Executive Director
    - Investigations and inspections, legal questions

  • , Director of Licensing
    - License/registration and permit renewals, continuing education, licensure gateway, CPP information

  • , Accounting Manager
    - Accounts payable/accounts receivable, budget

  • , Director of Finance and Human Resources
    - HR/benefits administration, personnel, payroll

  • , Licensing Specialist / Exam and Reciprocity Coordinator
    - Pharmacist licensure by examination, pharmacist licensure by reciprocity, pharmacy internship, duplicate pharmacist certificates

  • Director of Operations
    - Office operations, website, social media, mailing lists, events/meetings, Board elections, facilities management

  • , Receptionist / Administrative Assistant
    - Office supply orders

  • , Licensing Specialist
    - Registrations for technicians, physician assistants/nurse practitioners, and dispensing physicians

  • Information Technology Administrator

  • , Licensing/Permitting Specialist
    - DME and pharmacy permits, DME PIC changes, pharmacist-manager changes, DME and pharmacy address changes and owner/officer changes

  • , Administrative Assistant to Licensing & Operations
    - Board meeting information, events/meetings, license/permit/registration verifications, licensee/registrant name changes

Investigations & Inspections Staff