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NC DME PERMIT HOLDERS: During the 2019 renewal period, the NC Board of Pharmacy DME Subcommittee will hold an election for the Medical Equipment representative seat. This seat is presently held by Doug Tonucci, who plans to seek a second term on the committee. The Board is requesting nominations for this position between now and October 15, 2018.

The Medical Equipment representative must practice in the particular area for which he or she is nominated, but need not practice exclusively in that area. If interested in becoming a candidate for this position, a person-in-charge (“PIC”) of a DME facility (who is the permit holder for purposes of North Carolina law) who also meets the practice area qualification stated above may submit a petition to appear on the ballot. Any petitioner must be an active, registered NC DME permit holder. The petition must be filed in the Board office or postmarked by October 15, 2018. Anyone wishing to learn more about the duties of a DME subcommittee member may contact Cindy Parham, NCBOP Investigations and Inspections Coordinator, at

All North Carolina DME permit holders residing in the state are eligible to vote. Voting will be electronic again this year; a DME PIC will log in to his/her individual Board account to cast an electronic ballot. More details will follow in the coming weeks and will be posted here.




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Committee History

In 1982 the General Assembly enacted legislation requiring all places from where medical devices are dispensed or delivered to users in this State be registered with the Board of Pharmacy. The law was amended in 1994 to include the registration of sites dispensing or otherwise delivering medical equipment to end-users. A second amendment occurred in 2001 when the law was expanded to include any out-of-state device or medical equipment (DME) business doing business in North Carolina.

A committee comprised of two members of the Board of Pharmacy and three practitioners of the device and medical equipment industry was formed to make recommendations in disciplinary matters and render decisions on rule-interpretation. The Board staff began registering and inspecting sites in 1995.

Current Members (from left to right): Joey McLaughlin, Karen Link Womack, Marcia Ladd (Chairwoman), and Mel Elliott. Not pictured: Parker Chesson.