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Q: What certifications are recognized by the NC Board of Pharmacy for technicians?

A: Effective February 12, 2020, certified pharmacy technician applicants may establish eligibility with NHA's ExCPT certification. Applicants may also continue to establish eligibility with PTCB certification.  When completing the on-line technician registration application, applicants will be asked to specify which certification they hold.  Further instructions are found within the application itself.


Q: How does a new pharmacy technician register with the Board?

A: New technicians must register online here. Technicians must register with the Board within 30 days of beginning employment in the pharmacy.


Q: How does a technician reinstate a registration that has lapsed?

A: A lapsed technician registration may be reinstated here. Technician registration number and Social Security Number will be required for log-in/reinstatement.


Q: When does my technician registration expire?

A: On December 31 of each year, although the Board allows a 60-day grace period to renew.


Q: A student enrolled in a pharmacy technician educational program is present in my pharmacy. Does that student need to register with the Board as a pharmacy technician and/or does that student count toward the permissible pharmacist:technician ratio?

A: Students enrolled in some technician training programs spend some time at pharmacy practice sites as part of their education. Such students, when present in a pharmacy solely for educational purposes as part of the technician training curriculum, do not need to register with the Board as pharmacy technician, nor do these students count toward the permissible pharmacist:technician ratio. The Board emphasizes, however, that the student must be present in the pharmacy solely for educational purposes. A student who is employed by a pharmacy must register as a technician and does count toward the permissible pharmacist:technician ratio, notwithstanding that the student is also enrolled in a technician training program.


Q: What continuing education requirements bind PTCB certified technicians?

A: Please contact PTCB directly or access their website here:


Q: Are volunteer pharmacy technicians required to register with the Board?

A: Yes. Amendments to Board Rule .3301, which speaks to pharmacy technician registration, went into effect on July 1, 2015. Among other things, amended Rule .3301 clarifies that pharmacy technicians who provide services solely at a free clinic (as defined at G.S. 90-85.44) are required to register as technicians, but are exempt from the registration fee.  Accordingly, technicians practicing solely at free clinics should log in to the Board's Gateway to access the technician application.The registration fee will be waived upon verification of the free clinic site. 


Q: Are pharmacy students required to register with the Board as pharmacy technicians?

A: Read the Board's policy on registration of pharmacy students employed as technicians.


Q: How can I find out about Pharmacy Technician certification?

A: The Board recognizes the following programs for technician certification. Follow the links below for program details and contact information:


Q: How can Pharmacy Technicians be used during Pharmacist Breaks?

A: To facilitate serving the public better it is the opinion of the Board of Pharmacy that technicians can be used in the following ways during pharmacists breaks:

Prescriptions which have been previously prepared may be picked up by patients or their representative. A log of such transactions is kept with the telephone number where the patient may be reached and is made available to the pharmacist upon return from break. A telephone call within a reasonable time after prescription pick up shall occur by the pharmacist to review any counseling issues which may be appropriate.

Prescriptions may be received by technicians and assembly can occur but pharmacists must check any product and the order before it goes to the patient pursuant to Board rule.

Pharmacist-Managers, at their discretion, may develop a policy for Certified (by PTCB) technicians to receive telephone prescription orders.


Q: Who is responsible for registering Pharmacy Technicians?

A: Each pharmacist-manager is responsible for technicians at the permit location.


Q: How do I file a complaint against a pharmacy technician?

A: Access the Board's Complaints Portal here:


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