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Form 222 and Power of Attorney

Q: Who may enter the supplier’s DEA registration number on a single-sheet Form 222?

A: DEA issued a direct final rule to clarify that either the purchaser or the supplier may enter a supplier’s DEA registration number on the single-sheet DEA Form 222.  That rule was effective October 18, 2021:  Federal Register :: Clarification Regarding the Supplier's DEA Registration Number on the Single-Sheet DEA Form 222.


Q: What is the format and content of a DEA Power of Attorney form?

A: A model DEA Power of Attorney form is found here:  Model DEA Power of Attorney Form


Q: May a DEA registrant issue multiple Powers of Attorney for one location?

A: Yes, as long as the requirements of 21 CFR § 1305.07 are met. That rule recognizes powers of attorney and specifies the form. The power of attorney must be signed by the person who signed the most recent application for registration or re-registration and by the person receiving the authority. The rule allows multiple powers of attorney:  21 CFR 1305.05



Pharmacist’s Manual

Q: How can I access the latest edition of the DEA Pharmacist’s Manual?

A: The most current version of the DEA Pharmacist’s Manual is found here: DEA Pharmacist's Manual (revised 2022)



Pharmacy DEA Registration Requirements

Q:  What information beyond the application does DEA require from a North Carolina pharmacy seeking to obtain a registration?

A: Follow this link for DEA registration requirements.



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