Pharmacist FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Pharmacists on Callers Impersonating NCBOP Staff

Q: I received a call from someone claiming to be a North Carolina Board of Pharmacy investigator making accusations against me or telling me that I am the subject of an open case. I suspect it is a scam, what should I do?

A: Board staff continue to receive reports that someone pretending to be an NCBOP investigator (or "Board Officer") has called a pharmacist. The details vary, but often the caller gives a fake name and/or a badge number as "proof" of identity. Often the scammer uses a phone number spoofer so that the NCBOP main line – (919) 246-1050 – appears on caller ID.

In some cases, the scammer asserts that he is working with DEA and FDA on a case involving “suspicious” and “unauthorized activities” or “illegal drug trafficking” by the pharmacist. Or he claims that the pharmacist's personal information has been compromised. Some pharmacists have reported that the scammer made various vague threats against recording the call or speaking to anyone about the investigation. 

Board staff reminds pharmacists and pharmacy staff that the names of all the Board’s investigators are listed here, and if they are unsure or suspicious when contacted by someone claiming to be a Board staff member (whether by phone, email, or other communication) that they should contact the Board immediately. To be sure, Board staff frequently contact pharmacists and pharmacy staff on all manner of issues. But, again, if you are suspicious about the true identity of the caller, please reach out to the Board office directly.

Also, if you are the recipient of what appears to be a scam call, Board staff would appreciate your alerting us to that fact and providing as much information about the call and caller as you can -- including a recording if you’re able to make one.