TEMPORARY REACTIVATION OF LICENSE TO PRACTICE PHARMACY.  Exercising its authority under NCGS 90-95.15(a) to waive provisions of the Pharmacy Practice Act and regulations during a declared emergency, the Board has created a pathway for the temporary reactivation of certain pharmacist licenses to provide patient care during the state of emergency. 

Only for the duration of the state of emergency declared by Executive Order No. 116, a pharmacist meeting the following criteria my apply for temporary reactivation of an expired North Carolina license to practice pharmacy:

A.            The license to practice pharmacy has been inactive for two years or less.

B.            The license did not become inactive as a result of a Board disciplinary order, voluntary surrender, or agreement not to renew.

C.            The pharmacist has not committed any act since the license became inactive that would be a basis for denying a license application under North Carolina General Statutes Section 90-85.38.

D.            The pharmacist has been invited or engaged to provide services at a North Carolina licensed pharmacy to assist with COVID-19 containment and treatment efforts.

E.            The pharmacist completes a temporary reactivation application (found here) and submits it to the Board at

F.            The pharmacist receives notification from the Board that the temporary reactivation application has been approved.

The Application for Temporary Reactivation of Pharmacist License is a fillable PDF document.  Once you have completed the application:  (1) Select “PRINT” from your Print Menu; (2) Select “SAVE AS PDF” option; (3) Email the completed application form to